About Moore Park Beach

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Moore Park Beach would have to be the last undiscovered beach side location in Queensland. The town is characterised by large one acre building blocks right on the beach! The natural environment has been preserved by sympathetic development to date with wildlife corridors and walkways from subdivisions to the beach and parks.



The peace and quiet is something the locals take for granted - as is the wildlife and the unspoiled 17 km sandy beach. There is 4W Driving on the beach both north and south of the township to great fishing and camping spots. The atmosphere is distinctly rural and with the regional city of Bundaberg less than 20klm away you have all the benefits of town without having to live in it!!!



The market in Moore Park Beach is quite unique as it offers land sizes from 600sm to 5 acre allotments all just moments from the pristine beach. The town surged in the 2001 to 2004 boom times but is still significantly under valued by coastal standards. Largely due to the fact that no one knows we are here!! We have the ability to go against market trends because of this - we have "catch up" to do here. Supply and demand will also have a bearing in the future as the geographic growth is limited by national park to the north and the ocean to the east.

The most recent developments have been a new shopping centre with IGA and 10 specialty shops, Tavern and State Primary School



Town planning decisions have made Moore Park Beach basically "unwreckable" - there will be no over development and high rises here!The motivation of the buyer is always a combination of position, lifestyle and price - make no mistake Moore Park Beach offers all three!